By the Numbers
30 Sprints over four years
400 Surveys conducted
100 In-person interviews

Challenge Accepted

Allina Health needed to help patients get the right care faster. The challenge? To reimagine in coordination with a rebranding effort, and more effectively connect clinicians and technicians with the medical data they needed to better serve patients. Using our proven methods, we were able to amplify differentiators in a competitive marketplace, build internal capabilities, and uncover new growth opportunities along the way.
People expect an entirely new level of experience. We’re no longer competing with other health systems, we’re competing with digital businesses that have successfully adapted to a customer obsessed, digital-first mindset.

Chris DuFresne, Director Information Services, Digital Consumer and Employee Experience at Allina Health

Our Results
Reduced friction for patients by increasing functionality and access to information with a new mobile app.
Increased satisfaction by helping patients better prepare for procedures and avoid delays in care due to non-compliant prep.
Lowered costs by guiding patients to the right level of care and avoid unnecessary emergency room trips by enabling them to find a location that minimizes wait times.
  • We conducted a series of surveys to uncover the specific problems that kept Allina Health from the data and content they needed. With these central problems in mind, we set out to build a better digital experience. While highly focused on the end user, we needed to strike a balance between both the day-to-day needs of users with the high level strategic communications and marketing needs.

  • We brought together a diverse cross-functional team from both teams to run a series of sprints and prototype better touch points along the experience that benefited a wide range of users. Relying on a small, specialized team meant fewer variables and better outcomes.
  • Through design sprints, we helped the Allina Health team develop new methods for their work. We created a more role-centric experience, that aided users based on their position within the healthcare system. We also made massive improvements to overall usability and personalization. Lastly, we brought in a greater sense of community to the health network.
  • To help Allina Health align their broader company behind our work, we delivered tangible artifacts and takeaways to mark the end of each sprint. The true value of this work was not only the testing and output, but the collaboration between our team of user-centered designers and strategists with Allina Health's internal team, who would be using the solutions we built every day.