The historical approach to enterprise architecture doesn’t work in the digital age. Businesses must adopt a modern architecture that is better suited to handle rapidly evolving business needs. 
Many businesses are demanding new digital technology and other emerging technology tools, including artificial intelligence, to keep pace with evolving markets and consumer expectations. These demands are straining technology organizations that try to implement new technology within existing enterprise architecture. In fact, the old-school approach to enterprise architecture hinders the ability to use emerging technologies to improve business agility, speed, and innovation. 

Before companies can take advantage of emerging technology, they must change their approach to enterprise architecture. This requires more than technology changes. It requires transformation of enterprise architecture skills, organizational structure, culture, and expectations—and, indeed, the very role and stature of enterprise architects in the business.

This paper offers a recipe for moving toward a modern enterprise architecture approach that will allow your business to take advantage of emerging technologies and tools that create new levels of productivity and business value.

In this paper, you will: 

  • Understand key differences between traditional and modern enterprise architecture, and why a traditional approach does not support emerging technologies moving forward
  • Explore five essential elements that must be in place across a company—not just within the technology function—to accelerate architecture transformation
  • Review some practical next steps that can help your organization begin the move