In today’s banking sector, there are three factors driving mid-market institutions to question their traditional approach: customer preferences, non-banking entrants, and automation.

Today’s customers anticipate a personalized, tech-focused experience that meets their digital expectations. Furthermore, tech-driven entrants into the banking market are disrupting traditional processes. And finally, larger banks are funneling investments into automation and other technologies to maintain a competitive edge with non-traditional lending sources.

Combined, these factors are placing unprecedented pressure on mid-market commercial banks to implement flexible technology solutions—or face the possibility of being left behind. However, in today’s environment, focusing on technology alone is not enough. To truly be competitive, a bank needs to evolve its operating model to truly harness the power of technology.

Read this white paper to learn how:

  • To take a customer-focused approach to your commercial lending model 
  • Segmenting customers may require your employees to develop new skills
  • Your bank will reap multiple benefits from a streamlined back office
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