West Monroe optimized, nCino automated
Better processes. Better experience. Better performance.

How could our solution help?

For most banks, managing all aspects of the commercial customer onboarding experience efficiently and consistently remains a goal rather than a reality:

  • How long does it take until a new treasury management customer can use your bank’s services?
  • Do you rely on paper documents and manual processes to implement treasury products and services?
  • How well can you gauge resource requirements for treasury management onboarding?
  • Do your customers and staff have visibility into status of the implementation process?

A powerful platform for change Many banks use the nCino Bank Operating System to improve performance. Now with treasury management capabilities, nCino can drive new levels of automation and advantage, including:

  • A single point of data entry across the treasury management lifecycle
  • Proforma and profitability pricing tools integrated with your account analysis system
  • A customer-facing and internal portal that improves transparency from lead creation to go-live to ongoing service and maintenance
  • Effortless electronic forms and e-signature resources
  • Intuitive management reporting and dashboard

Optimize and then automate

We start by collaborating with your team to assess improvement opportunities and develop a business case for automation capabilities. Then, we work with you to apply best practices and optimize processes and operating procedures before implementing new technology. Finally, we help you apply nCino’s capabilities to improve treasury management onboarding, including:

  • Involving your staff in development to facilitate change
  • Configuring, testing, training, and deploying new capabilities
  • Integrating the system with your core banking platform and other third-party systems to enable seamless flow of data and tasks
  • Measuring the impact to ensure you realize the benefits specified in your return on investment model

Benefit your team as well as your customers

For your internal teams, our nCino treasury management solution can boost productivity, visibility, and accountability. And for your bank’s treasury management customers, it can deliver a better overall experience. And that drives better performance.

That’s an uncommon blend of banking knowledge and technical skill.

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