A packaged set of robots designed to take your treasury management operations to the next level of efficiency.
True straight-through-processing has remained elusive in the banking industry, particularly in treasury management. While nimble and flexible onboarding solutions like nCino are making up significant ground, integrating solutions and other core banking systems can be complex and cost-prohibitive. Data entry between systems continues to be managed via manual processes and errors persist. As a result, onboarding can take days or even weeks and manual entry contributes to processing errors and re-work, not to mention a poor customer experience.

Treasury management onboarding in hours, not days

West Monroe’s Pre-Trained Digital Workforce makes straight-through processing a reality by combining the capabilities of nCino and a robotic workforce. Our set of robots connects the nCino treasury management solution to a bank’s treasury management product source system(s) to eliminate manual data entry and reduce the onboarding period from days to a matter of hours.

How it works?

West Monroe’s ability to connect the nCino onboarding solution with the automation power of RPA connects and powers a straight-through processing solution which includes the following core elements:

Customer and Partner Portals 

  • Minimizes paperwork 
  • Online maintenance requests
  • Increases transparency 

Onboarding and Servicing 

  • Dynamic forms and work queues
  • Customized dashboard reporting 
  • SLA tracking 

Digital Workforce

  • Backed by RPA 
  • nCino aware robots 
  • Real-time responsiveness 
  • No downtime 24x7x365

Source Systems 

  • Eliminates need for costly, redundant integrations
  • No vendor lock in 
  • Faster speed-to-market 

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