Why wait? An optimized Facets application is critical to keeping per-member administrative costs down, improving productivity of your IT team, and providing head room to expand.
Today’s healthcare environment rewards plans that are lean and nimble, responsive to customers, and quick to deploy successful operational and marketing strategies. Your Facets application must support improved performance and reliability; including increased batch efficiency, faster web service response times, leaner DBs and reduced technical footprint.
Leveraging best practices and a knowledgeable, committed team, a performance-based approach to Facets optimization can produce significant results in 65 days or less. Improving Facets operations, SLA overages, FXI web service responses or OLPT database performance up to 30% is very feasible in 65 days or less.

Examples of Facets improvement in 65 days or less 

In cases where batch is running into your daytime hours, reduce the number of days batch runs into the daytime hours by 30%. Eliminate the problem altogether by realigning the batch schedule, removing unnecessary dependencies, improving processing performance and better controlling Facets batch operations.

When performance degradation occurs outside of Facets, dramatic gains can still be achieved through improved network processes. These include: server state settings and bandwidth maximization, pre-validation of input parameters and the elimination of unnecessary local calls, replacing clunky interfaces with extensions, interrogating response latencies and applying alternative data transfer methods. Following global optimization, further gains can be made with session level tuning that encompasses threading, data caching and individual session settings catered to the user.

An improperly tuned core database can be devastating to clients as it impacts everything from online to batch, and extensions to web interfaces. Moreover, Facets isn’t  (if at all) pre-tuned for a generic install that assumes each module is split evenly in usage. Our comprehensive understanding data flow and processing patterns helps us to improve database performance through  indexes reconfigured, stored procedure tuning and database  environment settings to be optimized with confidence.

Other examples of Facets™ optimization achievable in 65 days or less

  • Reducing longest batch by 20%
  • Improving batch processing by 10%
  • Improving online response time by 20%
  • Reducing ITS host and home processing time by 20%
  • Reducing XC member and provider matching issues by 25%
  • Improving long-running reports and feeds by 20%
  • Reducing overall Facets footprint by 25%.

A performance-based approach 

How does a performance-based approach work and why is it successful?

Start with a seasoned team with deep Facets experience going back 20 years. People who have carried out the most demanding Facets installation and modernization projects in the industry. 

Draw on unique, proven road maps for the widest range of Facets issues, with “best of breed” approaches, weekly check points, and rigorous methodology that accounts for each requirement and challenge.

Add a cultural commitment to being the very best and offering measurably effective programs that meet the individual needs of each client – without hidden agendas or incentives to steer clients into buying any particular software, hardware or hosting solution.

Ask this team to hit Facets performance targets on time, on schedule, and on budget. Guaranteed. Yes, guaranteed in 65 days.

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