Our proven diagnostic produces a practical road map for delivering consistent and effective service across the “meter-to-cash” cycle—as well as a variety of other benefits.

Unlike some functions, “meter-to-cash” work streams tend to focus on daily operations rather than planning and building—leading to reactionary mindsets and service issues. Consider:

  • Do you write off more than one percent of bad debts?
  • Are aging receivables greater than five percent of customer accounts?
  • Are you experiencing increasing media or political pressure?
  • Is management increasingly frustrated by customer feedback?
  • Does your customer service group have standardized performance metrics that everyone trusts and to which people are held accountable?
  • Are staff responsibilities well defined and actionable, with appropriate decision-making authority?

Deep utility experience, distinctive customer experience capabilities

Providing consistent customer service across the meter-to-cash process is inherently challenging. Often, anything that can go wrong does go wrong—but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, improving customer operations can produce an array of benefits ranging from financial to reputational.

Combining deep utility industry experience and a distinctive approach to improving customer experience as a means of enhancing performance, West Monroe Partners can help you simplify meter-to-cash processes and procedures and create a more effective cross-functional approach to customer operations.

From assessment to practical road map

We work with you to complete a thorough and effective diagnostic that delivers:

  • A comprehensive assessment of current customer operations
  • An integrated solution that considers the multiple dimensions of strategy, people, processes, technology, data, and metrics—typically comprising five elements:
    1. A “voice-of-the-customer” strategy
    2. An integrated cross-functional organizational structure
    3. Rationalized first-time resolution operating procedures
    4. Integrated advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), customer information system (CIS), and payment technologies on a common platform
    5. Clear key performance indicator(KPI) metrics for accurate reads, accurate bills, call-center interactions, and timely shut-offs
  • A quantitative business case that highlights the benefits of change

A practical road map for implementing the improvements to customer operations

Tangible value, fast return How could your utility benefit from a fresh look at customer operations? We regularly see investments to improve customer operations pay for themselves in ways that range from lower bad-debt write-offs to dramatically reduced media/political exposure for senior leaders.

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