Transform your patient access center to excel in the pursuit of superior patient experience.

Keeping pace with evolving expectations 

Patient Access Centers are a critical component in a health systems’ journey to creating a truly integrated patient experience. At the journey’s inception, Access Centers often experience inconsistent quality and output, running as siloed operations. In today’s world, the Access Center journey must culminate in a highly personalized patient experience from episodes of care to sustained relationships with patients and families.

Patient access operations play a key role in meeting evolving expectations – but often, there are pitfalls:
  • Unacceptable wait times
  • Slow response from channels beyond voice calls
  • Inability to access desired information w Limited service communication around financial responsibility
  • Inconsistent experiences among channels
  • Impersonal, over-scripted associates who are not empowered to address important issues
Is your patient access center enabling or endangering success? And have you identified your best opportunities for improving service?

Move up in maturity 

We partner with hospital and health systems to deliver a better patient experience by simplifying, modernizing, and improving the quality of their services.

We bring a team with the right blend of people – customer experience and contact center professionals as well as industry experts – to help you understand and capitalize on opportunities in a changing marketplace.

Our rapid assessment sets the stage for change. Through observations, agent shadowing, data review, and interviews, we gather information to benchmark your access center against KPIs for six core capabilities – strategy, people, processes, patient centered organization, technology, and performance management and reporting – and more than 50 sub-capabilities.

We then use this insight to determine where your access center capabilities stand on our maturity model. From there, we help you: 

  • Define an access center strategy that transforms your operating model, supporting technology, and customer experience
  • Create an access center vision, including the most important capabilities and desired maturity level for your organization
  • Prepare for change with a plan that stages both short-term wins and multi-year transformation
  • Provide all of the skills necessary to implement sustainable changes
  • Improve your access center operations by implementing formal change management and continuous improvement programs

Better service at a lower cost 

Patient Access Centers are the foundational capability that can transform a Health System to a truly integrated care and engagement model. When health systems approach their access center from the patient’s perspective, they can improve the patient experience and increase engagement, decrease churn, and boost revenue opportunity. We can help build that winning formula.

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