Unlock the value in agility, speed, and innovation

Aging, monolithic systems can hamper a company’s agility and speed to market. Inflexibility of legacy systems was the second-highest challenge mentioned. But, it is costly and time-consuming to build new services. 

The Challenge: Staying a step ahead of evolving expectations
If there’s one thing you can count on today, it’s that your customers’ expectations tomorrow will shift – to new channels of connection, new sources of influence, and new levels of personalization that you may not have dreamed possible even a few years ago. Keeping pace with evolving expectations requires a flexible, resilient technology platform that allows you to innovate and develop the new features and functions that “digital natives” expect, without jeopardizing the stability of your core business systems. For most businesses, this is still a tall challenge. When change requires a significant investment of time and money to make incremental changes to existing systems, innovation slows – or is abandoned altogether. Can you safely test new ideas and innovations that respond to shifting consumer expectations? Can you bring these ideas to market fast and efficiently – without affecting critical systems?

The Solution: Build it differently
Today’s modern, high-performance architectures change the game for introducing new offerings and features – providing a way to experiment and innovate with speed and without affecting your ability to maintain critical systems. We understand how to build modern platforms and how to apply high-performance architecture to enable your evolving business. Our deep technologists do that every day – and they will apply that experience, along with a vendor independent perspective, to help you navigate the myriad tools and frameworks to design and build architecture best suited to your operations and goals. Here’s how: 

Focus on achievable value
Our team will help you identify the right starting point – one that can produce rapid value at the same time your IT organization gains experience and tools to guide larger, more complex applications. We break ideas into discrete business functions or tasks – known in the technology world as “domains” – that enable us to use the best technology for today, while maintaining flexibility to change technology if future needs require. In other words, you can focus on moving an idea to market fast without worrying whether it is “future-proof.

Build a platform for success
High-performance architecture involves more than the technology on which your new offering is built. It requires changes to development teams, management approaches, and how people work together. We will help you select the right technology for your business need, the right approach for integrating it with key systems, the right team structure to build and run the new capability, and the right management vision and approach. Repeat the process, increase agility. Your business will recognize an increased level of agility and speed as it experiences the ease of developing and changing a single domain versus altering a large system that serves many users and business functions.

The Solution Innovate – and realize the value
High-performance architecture isn’t about changing everything in place today. It’s about accelerating your ability to: 

  • Scale your business – whether to accommodate seasonal requirements, acquisitions, or new ideas and innovations 
  • Experiment and innovate with lower risk – in other words, create the ability to “fail fast”
  • Bring new features and innovations to market faster – without the high cost of changing core business systems w Use limited resources, both people and money, more efficiently

Most of all, it’s about mastering the shift so that your business is the one capitalizing on the opportunities that come with evolving customer expectations.

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