Drive productivity and enable new capabilities by implementing a utility enterprise drone program.
West Monroe has partnered with CAPE to develop a utility Enterprise Drone Program that allows utilities to leverage drones for enhanced equipment and line inspections and to drive workforce productivity improvements across their organization. Utilities can implement a program with the right technologies to leverage drones as the primary tool for visual inspects of key equipment and lines, while accounting for the people and process changes required to effectively manage drone compliance rules, data management, and inspection workflow.
West Monroe and CAPE work with utilities to create standardized operations for drone flight management, drone dispatch, content management, and drone data analytics to identify maintenance issues, and automation of workflow for resolutions of issues identified through drone inspections.

Consolidate and upgrade your inspection process 

Utilities can realize benefits quickly by using drones to consolidate inspection activities that previously may have been occurring in silos. Many use cases exist for drones across inspection, incident management, data collection, and new construction activities.

Implementation of a drone-enhanced inspection process that serves multiple teams across line maintenance, equipment maintenance and vegetation management with a single flight will allow utilities to realize reduced O&M costs. And by leveraging advanced analytics technology, utilities can use the same drone flight data to drive condition-based maintenance capabilities that will capture equipment and vegetation maintenance issues before they impact safety and reliability.

Thousands of examples of good and bad equipment conditions needed in machine learning for advanced analytics can be collected using drones as the primary visual inspection tool to feed the analytics platform. This translates to improved condition-based maintenance, higher equipment reliability, and more repeatable visual inspections that will leverage other data from SCADA, GIS, and EAM to create recommendations for maintenance and equipment refresh.

West Monroe Partners and CAPE’s unique program will replace many manual inspection processes with a single drone mission that will improve reliability and safety by identifying system problems proactively and making the data collected by drone flights available to many different utility groups (vegetation management, asset management, operations).

Jumpstart your drone program by choosing the right partners

CAPE’s field-proven Aerial Telepresence Management platform, a key enabler of an Enterprise Drone Program, allows utilities to effectively and safely control drones anywhere in their service territories in real time. Paired with CAPE’s data management system, drone flight data, locations, flight plans, and other critical information can be stored and made available to integrate into utility systems securely. CAPE’s solution allows real-time viewing and control remotely by equipment experts while an onsite technician can manage the tactical operations of preparing and managing the drone for safe flight. This unique capability allows the utility to prepare its experts, processes, and analytics platforms, for non-line of sight operations in the future. 

West Monroe’s team of utility industry experts and deep technologists partnered with CAPE’s unique technology provides utilities the means to support drone program goals at each step of the process. Our utility experts will help work through the business case and strategy efforts required to start a program and manage the people, process and technology changes required to integrate drone use cases into day-to-day operations. Our technology team’s experience in data management and analytics will allow utilities to get more out of the data collected by drones, including building out robust analytics for drone flight data to produce actionable insights and develop more automation and prediction capabilities over time.

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