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Assess financial viability of behind-the-meter applications.

Supporting distributed energy resources

As distributed energy resource (DER) penetration increases, utilities must take new steps to maintain power reliability and quality. For example, pairing solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and energy storage, sometimes called resilient solar, enables utilities to establish additional solar PV capacity “behind the meter.” This allows utilities to address substation feeder overload situations and mitigate potential costs due to any backflow. At the same time, it allows customers to store excess generation from renewables and use it at other times to reduce peak demand.

While behind-the-meter storage can benefit both electric utilities and their customers, particularly those located on or near constrained (or potentially constrained) substations/feeders or facing demand-based rates, there are a host of considerations that will affect the economic viability of such a DER configuration.

  • Are you observing growing levels of renewables? 
  • Are you concerned about cost shifting among customers? 
  • Is your electric supply stable during peak periods? 
  • Are there discussions of electricity rate reform? 
  • Would customers located near a substation/ feeder with performance constraints benefit from load reductions/shifts?

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