Turn your data into sustained enterprise value.

Building a data-driven organization is a long-term process. While short-term wins can justify the investment, sustained long-term value is the goal. 

The Challenge 

Breaking down the barriers to effective use of analytics

Fueled by improved data capabilities and advances in data science platforms, today’s organizations have unprecedented opportunities to use business analytics to generate sustained business value. Yet most organizations are still figuring out how to employ these capabilities to derive such value. Our recent survey uncovered a variety of common barriers to increasing analytics effectiveness.

  • To what extent are you using data to shape your relationships with customer, suppliers, and partners?
  • How well does your business adapt to disruptive industry trends?
  • Who owns your data and analytics strategy?
  • How well are analytics projects and investments coordinated across your enterprise?
  • Is your business investing in data-driven automation, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence?

The Solution

Aligning business analytics solutions with sustained enterprise value

Our unique ability to solve analytics challenges is rooted in our uncommon blend of business perspective and deep technology. Our business and industry expertise gives us the depth and experience to identify opportunities for building enterprise value – while our expertise in data engineering, software development, cybersecurity, and modern cloud technology provides the know-how for building practical, effective business analytics solutions.

First, we work with you to define a prudent data and analytics strategy, based on your organization’s unique business needs and goals. We will assess your organization’s current capabilities and data, as well as its readiness for advancing its use of business analytics. From that, we will create a roadmap of initiatives and investments aligned to your organization’s business strategy and prioritized based on enterprise value.

Then, we combine extensive analytical modeling expertise with industry perspective to build business analytics solutions that solve specific data challenges. These may include:

  • Data-driven insights to inform decisions and actions
  • Predictive analytics that improve business operations and unlock business value
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that transform business processes

Our Accelerated Analytics Platforms enable you put these solutions to work faster.

Finally, we make sure you have all of the essential elements in place for sustainable value. Business analytics is not just about technology; it also requires a shift in mindset and new organizational processes, such as governance and change management. We make sure your organization has these pieces in place so that it can continuously advance and realize value from its use of business analytics solutions. If applicable, we can help you run and refine your business analytics solutions on an ongoing basis.

The Impact

Realizing your analytics opportunity

You gain a practical and sensible roadmap that aligns specific business analytics investments with your organization’s needs and strategy. With that in hand, you are now ready to produce insight – and that translates to an array of business benefits, from more efficient and agile operations to deeper connections with customers and more competitive products. That’s business in the right direction.
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