Improve contact center functionality and administrative flexibility and reduce costs with a solution built on Amazon Connect.

The challenge 

Meeting your customers' ever-changing needs

Customer preferences are changing continuously. For your business to adapt, your contact center systems must be flexible enough to pivot quickly and handle new requests and opportunities.
  • Does your current system integrate easily with other contact center tools?
  • Is it intuitive and easy for your agents to use?
  • Can it leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and intelligent chatbots, as they become available?

If not, then a solution built on Amazon Connect may be right for your business.

Amazon Connect

The solution

Proven Amazon Connect implementation

With an uncommon blend of business acumen and deep technology expertise, West Monroe can help you take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Amazon Connect to establish more effective, flexible contact center operations.

We support you at every step of the way, from design to successful deployment:

  • Environment setup and preparation
  • Contact center workflow replication, setup, and testing
  • Agent training
  • Ongoing, post-migration managed services

We know, first hand, what it takes to get an organization up and running and realizing the benefits quickly. Our own service desk uses Amazon Connect!

The impact 

Lower cost and greater flexibility 

Amazon Connect’s low per-minute pricing and ease of administration make it an extremely compelling value, often offering potential savings more than 50% over other call center systems. We can help you deploy Amazon Connect in a way that positions your contact center to realize the savings potential and accelerate return on investment.

Better yet, by equipping your organization to leverage other available features and integrations, we can make sure your contact center is poised to deliver greater value to both your business and customers—at a significantly lower cost than it does today.

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