Empower your organization with performance metrics and dashboards. Elevate your performance.

Our Manage-by-Metrics solutions help you establish the right performance targets for achieving business goals and then deliver timely KPIs that empower leaders and front-line staff to view, manage, and improve performance.

Manage with the right metrics

In today’s digital world, access to insight can hold the key to agility and success. But many organizations still struggle to align reporting with strategic objectives and to deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) fast enough to capitalize on opportunities.

  • How current are your KPIs, and do they align well with strategic objectives?
  • Are you able to equip both senior executives and front-line staff with the metrics they want and need?
  • How much manual or ad hoc activity does that reporting require?
  • Can you tie performance reviews and incentives to measurable results?

If you want to improve measurement and reporting capabilities, we can help. Our Manage-by-Metrics program helps you establish the right KPIs and user-friendly dashboards that allow your executives and staff to see and use key metrics to drive performance.

Solutions built with an uncommon blend of skills and experience

Our Manage-by-Metrics solutions reflect an unique blend of skills and experience:

  • Consultants who have years of experience in your industry and understand leading practices for measuring performance
  • Advanced analytics experts who have the skills and experience to build back-end data solutions to build performance reports from multiple source systems
  • Customer experience experts who understand how to design user-friendly performance dashboards
  • Technology specialists who engage your users as they build a dashboard solution that creates value for your business

Using a proven approach that mobilizes design and data preparation concurrently, we can help you translate your vision and strategic objectives into a practical performance dashboard solution—fast and cost effectively.


Greater functionality than manually created reports

Manage-by-Metrics produces highly functional dashboards with useful analysis features not available in manual reports pulled from multiple reporting systems. The example below depicts useful KPIs for improving performance in a contact center. For example, visual reporting allows users to see trends and to easily determine whether or not the center is meeting targets through color cues. Drill-down capabilities allow interested users to gain a more detailed view of performance in areas of interest.

More advanced capabilities

  • View data in different time frames (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Use preset date filters or select customized intervals
  • Toggle between graph and table formats
  • Export data to Excel

Users provide real-time design input            
Our proprietary “rapid prototyping” development approach allows your users to interact with the solution as we design and build it and to provide real-time feedback to ensure it meets their needs and expectations.

Benefit from better metrics and reporting

  • Align your KPIs with organizational objectives and set targets based on industry benchmarks
  • Establish a centralized analytics platform and automated dashboard that reduces reporting from several days to just seconds
  • Equip your agents to monitor and assume accountability for their own performance
  • Enable your organization to tie reviews and incentives to measurable results

That’s business in the right direction.

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