Dean Fischer takes a few moments to share his thoughts on the pervasive change we are seeing across every industry and marketplace in today's global economy.

To our clients and friends

Whether you’ve been receiving this newsletter for years, or are just reading it for the first time, my hope is you recognize how much I value the opportunity to communicate with our clients, industry colleagues, business partners, and friends. I’ve covered a spectrum of topics since I began writing, but one common theme we see time and time again is “change”. Change in the marketplace, change in legislation and regulatory oversight, change in technologies…the list goes on and on. This quarter is certainly no different, and in the spirit of change, we are introducing a new format for this newsletter - video. Please take a few minutes to view the video below – I am excited to be able to share my thoughts with you on the global economy, shifting market conditions, and the continuous change we are witnessing across all industries and geographies



In response to the change we are seeing, West Monroe Partners has enhanced our existing areas of expertise in Organizational Strategy & Performance; Insurance; Governance, Risk & Compliance; and Financial Advisory Services. Please see the accompanying articles below to learn how we are addressing changes in these markets.



Successful finance transformation can help reduce the cost and effort associated with transactional activities while increasing effort and effectiveness of decision support - in effect, enabling an organization to manage their business according to tomorrow’s trends rather than yesterday’s news.
Guiding organizations through industry regulations, growth initiatives and game-changing decisions while managing and mitigating the risks associated with each endeavor.
There’s no question that tomorrow’s insurance marketplace will be a much different one than that of the past. How swiftly you can react to these changes in order to capture and retain customers could go a long way toward determining future success.
Many organizations today are in the midst of major change. Whether impacted by a new corporate initiative, internal restructuring or external marketplace conditions, they can take steps to accelerate change and improve workforce performance while evolving to meet market demands.