Paramount Staffing needed to establish cost-effective new infrastructure that will enable it to grow rapidly. Paramount partnered with West Monroe to orchestrate the move to Amazon Web Services.

The Challenge 

Mobilizing to deliver on a new owner’s growth expectations

In 2018, Paramount Staffing was acquired by a French company as a platform for entry into and future growth in the United States. With its existing hosting contracts coming to an end, Paramount needed to establish a new technology environment, including infrastructure for hosting its primary staffing application. This critical application houses contractor and scheduling information for hundreds of employees, as well as vital historical records. More than a dozen locations—which have no onsite IT staff—require direct, secure, and seamless access to this and other business applications.

Paramount wanted new infrastructure that:

  • Allows it to scale operations quickly, including through the acquisition and integration of other organizations
  • Is cost-effective
  • Provides continuity for the business, clients, and contractors

The Solution 

Cloud environment assessment and migration

To define and orchestrate the migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, Paramount worked with West Monroe’s Managed Services team, its managed services partner.

West Monroe analyzed Paramount’s infrastructure from a cost and utilization perspective. It recommended moving the primary staffing application from an onsite instance to the vendor’s SaaS offering to improve access to the latest releases and vendor support capabilities. 

The project team used CloudEndure to assist with migration. This enabled the company to migrate its Great Plains financial database in real time, with no disruption to the financial systems.

Other changes that prime the company for growth included:

  • Replacing the legacy Commvault back-up solution with AWS back-ups and snapshots
  • Cleaning up file permissions across the shared drive structure
  • Streamlining security settings
  • Deploying a virtual Cisco ASA and a virtual Meraki as the client VPN solution
  • Forklifting the existing routing structure to the virtual network infrastructure

The Impact 

Lower costs with greater growth potential

The migration to AWS took just weeks and has met all three of the company’s key objectives.

In addition to orchestrating a migration that  was seamless for system users, Paramount  also has reduced its monthly run costs by more than 60 percent. Furthermore, because West Monroe used the Well-Architected Framework  to validate its design, Paramount is confident that its new infrastructure can support growth plans and objectives.

“West Monroe’s Managed Services team helped us navigate the technical transition following our acquisition. They didn’t just review our environment; they understood our business objectives. Our migration to AWS is changing how we operate, and we’re eager to leverage West Monroe’s expertise and we continue to grow.”


Tina Schubert 
Paramount Staffing 

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