To deliver a winning patient experience, MultiCare Health System redesigned their Access Center’s employee engagement strategy and focus.

The Challenge

Gaining a deeper understanding of employee engagement in a changing talent marketplace

As the competition for great talent continues to increase, companies are fighting a battle against disengagement in the workplace; 68% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged in their work, according to Gallup Daily tracking.

The Access Center within MultiCare was struggling with high turnover and low morale. Regular mishandling of appointment scheduling was also leading to poor patient experiences, customer service errors, and dissatisfied providers. MultiCare asked West Monroe to assist them in implementing solutions to drive higher engagement, while also delivering better patient and provider experiences to individuals that contacted the Access Center.

The Solution

Using data to chart a more engaging path forward

To gain better insight into Access Center team people and processes, West Monroe worked with MultiCare to conduct an Employee Engagement Assessment based on their annual employee engagement survey alongside live observations of the advocates that worked in the Access Center. Output from focus groups conducted with these employees was combined with analysis of the annual survey, the latter of which allowed for an unbiased assessment of organizational pain points and opportunities. 

After analyzing all data collected, West Monroe was able to recommend and help implement several strategic initiatives to improve employee engagement, and, ultimately, patient and provider experience. Some examples of these initiatives included: training programs designed for each advocate tier including management teams, a knowledge management program, performance dashboards, and additional incentives like the ability to work from home and points-based rewards programs.

The Impact

Highly engaged employees and an improved patient and provider experience

MultiCare’s new employee engagement strategy provided clearer expectations for both leadership and individual employees. Updated job descriptions not only ensured clear advocate expectations, management was also able to hire more effectively by attracting the right talent that aligned with the team culture from the start.

Updated career paths helped employees better understand their advancement opportunities, and new management training programs led to managers feeling more empowered to excel in their positions and foster a culture of growth among their teams.

Overall, this new strategy helped the Access Center bring their team’s disengagement rate to zero, with over 90% of employees being either engaged or highly engaged. With Aon reporting1 overall engagement in the United States at 64% in 2018, MultiCare has been able to advance and become a leader in empowering their employees to provide optimal patient and provider experiences.

“Having the right tools to promote and sustain employee engagement are so important to our call center’s success.  The collaboration with West Monroe Partners has been instrumental in achieving many accomplishments over the past two years.”

-Wray Durst Director of the Access Center for MultiCare

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