The quest to deliver the ideal customer experience has been underway for years with mixed success. Many firms have harvested the low hanging “improvement fruit." Now it's time to move from tweaks to transformation—and accelerate to today's pace of change. 

Our unique blend of business consulting and deep technology puts human-centered design thinking at its core to help clients develop a cohesive program that ultimately drives top-line revenue.

We help you create an agile operating model and craft strategies for the digital world, revolutionizing the way you do business. We partner with clients to navigate the abundance of data and use data to make better business decisions. And, we understand the workforce and expectations are changing. We'll work with you to deliver a customer experience that sets you apart. 

Transforming Barclaycard's Customer Experience

Customer relationship management is a modern name for an old concept—knowing your customer. Does your sales team have the insight it needs to grow the business, and is it equipped to deliver maximum value? 

Customer Experience Strategy
With an abundance of customer data available from a growing number of sources, organizations are challenged to integrate and analyze this data, develop key insights, and build effective strategies to target and retain their most valuable customers. Can you?
High Performance Contact Center
Delivering a successful customer experience means making it easy for your customers to do business with you. That starts with your contact center.
Join West Monroe as we present on using culture and employee engagement to drive customer-centric transformation
Date : October 12, 2017

Many organizations are undertaking customer-focused transformations – from customer experience (CX) strategies to contact center transformations to CRM initiatives. Best practices include customer journey mapping and benchmarking against best in class organizations. However, one of the most overlooked success factors is employee engagement. Many CX initiatives struggle or fail due to misaligned expectations, lack of organizational readiness or cultural issues.

Join West Monroe as director, Cindy Garrett, will speak at the Women in Energy Conference
Date : October 10, 2017 Time : 03:45 PM EST
Cindy Garrett, Dan Davidson, and Florence Chang will be presenting on how to create a compelling customer service strategy at the ICMI Contact Center Demo
Date : September 27, 2017 Time : 01:45 PM PST

Join West Monroe as Cindy Garrett, Dan Davidson and Florence Chang, COO of MultiCare, present "Creating a Compelling Service Strategy" at the ICMI Contact Center Demo