A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity, Part 2: Building a Unified Team in a Merger or Acquisition
Date : July 20, 2017

As a firm, we are tackling inclusion and diversity from many angles. To be most impactful, any policy or process change we make must be rooted in a strong focus on people and culture. 

A Conversation About Inclusion & Diversity, Part 2

This truth is most apparent during times of change, and there is no instance of greater change than during a merger or acquisition, when we must combine two organizations, two ways of operating, and two cultures. Acquisitions are an important part of our business and growth strategy. In addition to serving clients, we are in the market every day looking at opportunities to add great organizations with talent and skills that complement our own. As a result of our team’s work, West Monroe has made four significant acquisitions in the past several years. 

Making the acquired team feel included—as rapidly as possible—is key to realizing the value of an acquisition. When employees immediately feel like part of their new organization, they are more likely to stay, and when consultants stay, the clients they brought with them are more likely to remain with the firm. That feeds a growing, profitable business.

This paper, the second in our series, looks at inclusion during the merger or acquisition process and the lessons we've learned over the course of several transactions. 

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