The Financial Impact of Cloud Vs. On-Premises Decisions
Looking beyond the business benefits to unearth the best financial decision for your portfolio company
Date : April 24, 2017

Financial investors need to understand the impact of both cloud and on-premises infrastructure on financial performance.


Whether evaluating a target or overseeing improvement at an existing portfolio company, financial investors often must consider the requirements for upgrading or establishing new infrastructure and core business applications. In today’s IT environment, that means deciding whether to build or maintain the necessary services on premises or buy services in the cloud.

While these decisions can be highly complex, financial investors need to understand the impact of both scenarios on financial performance. This white paper details the short- and long-term investment considerations of on-premises and cloud strategies. It also poses questions to help forecast costs accurately over the investment horizon.

Read the paper to learn:

  • The benefits and challenges of the cloud specific to an investment thesis (beyond the basic pros and cons)
  • How a cloud-based approach vs. on-premises infrastructure affects EBITDA
  • Factors to consider when cost-modeling cloud vs. on premises investment

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