Vision and strategy to equip a healthcare provider to transform patient experience.
A proven approach helps MultiCare Health System align business functions around a new customer experience strategy.

The challenge: Envisioning a differentiated patient experience

To distinguish itself in the market, MultiCare Health System sought to develop a customer experience strategy around which it could align pre-service touchpoints in its call center to deliver a consistently positive patient experience.

For assistance, MultiCare turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered a unique blend of deep healthcare industry experience and a distinctive approach to creating and enabling a compelling customer experience. In particular, West Monroe offered a proven approach for creating customer experience strategy and aligning organizational functions around a unified vision.

The solution: West Monroe’s proprietary approach for defining vision and strategy

West Monroe Partners applied elements of its “DAMER”—define, align, measure, enhance, refresh—methodology to help MultiCare identify its strategy and  an approach for organizing its six business units around it.

Phase 1: Define the customer experience strategy

Vision & Values workshop. West Monroe Partners conducted a workshop with 24 of MultiCare’s executive leaders. This exercise identified patients’ current views of the system as well as MultiCare’s customer experience “North Star”—how the organization wants patients to view its health system three years in the future.

Customer personas. West Monroe Partners analyzed patient demographic data to create four customer personas that represent key patient segments. West Monroe Partners and MultiCare then used these personas to explore and “map” patient experience in more detail.

"Not only did we develop a compelling vision for patient experience; we also gained the tools and the internal support necessary to turn that vision into reality. We began seeing improvement almost immediately." Florence Chang, EVP & COO MultiCare Health System.

Journey mapping. Customer journey mapping allowed MultiCare executives to shift their perspective and look at the organization from the outside in. Through Customer Journey Mapping workshops, participants mapped three journeys—becoming a new patient, making an annual appointment with pharmacy refill, and scheduling a sick visit—for each of the four personas. The exercise revealed key customers’ positive and negative experiences during common journeys with the health system. From this process, the team identified key themes and pain points to be addressed in developing the strategy and the key principles it will use to turn the strategy into actionable tasks and solutions.

Customer experience goal. The team evaluated data from the Vision & Values and Customer Journey Mapping workshops to identify the health system’s goal.

Customer experience strategy and guiding principles. The final step in this phase was to define the strategy for providing an easy and trustworthy customer experience. Six guiding principles support this strategy. This strategy supports MultiCare’s mission statement, “Partnering for healing and a healthy future,” by making sure that MultiCare is the best healthcare partner for its patients.

MultiCare's six guiding principles as featured in Forrester's report: A Picture's Worth 1,000 CX Strategy Slides

Phase 2: Align functional areas with a single strategy

West Monroe Partners identified goals and action items for the leaders of six business functions—Marketing, Pharmacy Refill, Clinic Administration, Physician Administration, Call Center, and Information Technology—to complete in order to support the newly defined customer experience strategy.

Phase 3: Develop metrics for measuring progress

West Monroe Partners identified customer-centric metrics to assess whether each functional area is successful in achieving its goals.

Phase 4: Enhance progress through regular reporting and review

West Monroe Partners worked with MultiCare to establish a monthly status-reporting team and to create a status-reporting template for the team to use to share progress with other functional areas. West Monroe also created a “Rule Book” to provide structure for the team and for meetings.

Phase 5: Refresh goals and plans regularly

Finally, West Monroe Partners recommended that MultiCare re-evaluate its progress and update its goals once per year.

The impact: An organization aligned and ready to execute its customer experience strategy

Through this project, MultiCare not only created a compelling customer experience strategy that supports its mission. It also gained important alignment around the strategy from the leaders of six key functional areas, and it equipped those six functional teams with metrics and tools for transforming the business and turning the strategy into reality.

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