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Transportation Electrification for Utilities | Recorded Webinar

Transportation Electrification (TE) is creating opportunities for utility companies and customers while presenting a range of new challenges to be solved

Our complimentary online event designed to address the most relevant topics facing electric utility TE and electric vehicle (EV) programs. Attendees can expect to enhance their understanding of EV benefits, EV customer engagement, and critical EV program strategy.

This 4-part digital event features a unique mix of utility and industry panelists, offering insights on in-flight projects and forward thinking EV strategies.

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Part 1: TE Program Design and Optimization

Designing EV programs for both residential and business customers

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an EV program design that promotes EV adoption and expands EV charging infrastructure
  • Identify differences between residential, business, and public EV programs
  • Share lessons learned and best practices from existing EV programs 


  • Erika Myers, Principal, Transportation Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) 
  • Karl Popham, Director, Austin Energy
  • Brittany Applestein Syz, Director - Clean Transportation, San Diego Gas and Electric
  • Andrew Dillon, Innovation Fellow, West Monroe

Part 2: EV & Fleet Total Cost of Ownership

Calculating benefits and savings for utility customers with light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles 

Learning Objectives:

  • How to assess total cost and savings when converting conventional fleets to electric
  • Economic factors for fleet customers when considering going electric
  • Leveraging a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator to engage customers
  • Key insights about EV adoption gained from a TCO calculator


  • Camila Martins-Bekat, External Affairs Representative, Tucson Electric Power
  • Lisa Arellanes, Senior Manager, Business Development & Partnerships - Transportation Electrification, Southern California Edison 
  • Shelly Hagerman, PhD, Principal, West Monroe
  • Andrew Dillon, Innovation Fellow, West Monroe 

Part 3: TE Business Case

Building the EV value story for regulatory or executive approval and standing up new EV initiatives

Learning Objectives:

  • Define key benefit categories – customer, utility, and society – for building an EV business case
  • How to quantify utility, customer, and societal benefits
  • Lessons learned and best practices building a business case to support EV initiatives


  • Lincoln Bleveans, Assistant General Manager/Power Supply, Burbank Water & Power
  • Kate Staples, Manager, Electrification, Dominion Energy
  • Scott Vogt, VP Strategy, Energy Policy and Revenue Initiatives, ComEd
  • Andrew Dillon, Innovation Fellow, West Monroe
  • Shelly Hagerman, PhD, Principal, West Monroe

Part 4: EV Program Readiness

The ABCs of planning for an EV program launch

Learning Objectives:

  • Key steps utilities need to follow for EV program launches
  • Incentive design – lessons learned from new EV programs
  • Success strategies for residential and commercial EV customer engagement


  • Samantha Piell, Senior Program Manager, EV Fast Charge, PG&E
  • David Treichler, Director Strategy and Technology, Oncor Electric Delivery
  • Andrew Dillon, Innovation Fellow, West Monroe

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