Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Senior Manager Operations Excellence Dallas

Michael is a good person to know if you’re looking to boost your organization’s productivity. With his deep process optimization expertise across a broad range of industries, Michael can help you unlock the full potential of your people, processes, and technology. He helped a major pharmaceutical distributor save $6 million in annual labor costs across four distribution centers by implementing an improved workforce management program.

What makes Michael a rare find among consultants is his in-depth understanding of the operational and engineering aspects of his clients’ businesses. This unique lens enables him to help clients identify and implement improvements as well as train management teams how to proactively drive results.

Prior to joining West Monroe in 2009, Michael worked at UPS, in roles ranging from engineering support to managing large work groups in hub and package delivery operations.

Michael earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo.

What makes Michael different

Living in Phoenix, Arizona, Michael relishes the opportunity to visit nearby mountains and forests with his family, where nature’s beauty both inspires and renews him.

Where Michael makes an impact

In pockets of free time, Michael uses his business knowledge in a volunteer capacity, helping St. Mary’s Food Bank (located in Phoenix) with warehouse operations and food distribution. Michael also puts his love of mechanical systems and bicycles to use by fixing up donated bicycles for foster kids through the RYBAZ organization.

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