Gary Batroff

Gary Batroff

Senior Manager Customer Experience San Francisco

Gary makes an impact on his clients by enabling them to differentiate from their competition with a higher-quality customer experience that drives both loyalty and revenue. For one client, he single-handedly conceived, designed, piloted, and implemented a new partnership leads channel that has increased partnership revenue from 7% to 25% of total company revenue. At the same time, productivity of partnership developers improved by more than 50%. Gary also developed an idea and program that resulted in a major telecommunications company rolling out its 4G wireless network 25% faster.

Gary brings customer experience management subject matter expertise to the West Monroe team. In fact, he led our CX Innovation initiative in 2019.

Gary joined West Monroe in 2018 from CX Catalyst, a Mill Valley, California, consultancy for which he was a founder and owner. He has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a master’s degree from San Francisco State University. He is a Certified Customer Experience Professional.

What makes Gary different

An avid cyclist, Gary has completed several 100+-mile cycling events. Through his other hobby, genealogy, he has identified over 100 of his ancestors. He lives in Mill Valley, California, just five minutes north of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, with his wife, two kids, and dog.

Where Gary makes an impact

Gary is a former chair and current active Leadership Team Member for the San Francisco chapter of the Customer Experience Management Association (CXPA).

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