David Johnson

David Johnson

Senior Manager Technology Chicago

With more than 40 years of enterprise infrastructure experience, there isn’t much you can throw at David that he hasn’t seen and handled before. He has a broad understanding of all aspects of corporate and Product IT infrastructures, including both the technical and organizational aspects of any operating environment.

He is especially skilled at transformation and integration while simultaneously addressing technical debt and operational inefficiencies. Before joining West Monroe in 2017, David was a managing director for a major US professional services firm overseeing $1 billion in U.S. growth. Those skills are now put to use when assessing, advising and guiding his current private equity clients.

David has a bachelor’s degree from Bradley University and was voted Infrastructure Architect of the Year for 2019 by our M&A practice.

What makes David different

A few weekends a year, David enjoys teaching physics and ballistics for a national private company. David is also an outdoorsman, with hobbies that include hunting and fishing. His home in Grayslake, Illinois, provides him with lake frontage where he can fish and boat. 

Where David makes an impact

David’s professional career has been highlighted by various awards that honored his work. He was the Computerworld's Honors Program Laureate recipient for processes and use of information technology to promote and advance the public welfare, benefit society, and change the world for the better.

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