West Monroe: Leveraging Work.com for Re-Entry


Like many employers, West Monroe started working remotely when the pandemic hit in March 2020. Now, we are managing re-entry into the working worldto our offices, client sites, and the transportation that gets us to and from.

To operate safely and effectively, we are leveraging an internal team of multidisciplinary experts across workforce management, employee experience, and technologyalong with a committee of representatives across the firm. We've also adopted Salesforce's Work.com solution to enable our re-entry

Our story? We're writing it as we go. To share lessons learned, best practices, and how combining technology with the right people and processes can lead to success. Read on. 

Chapter 1: The most complex business problem we’ve ever faced (July 22)

As consultants, we get excited about complex business problems. It’s what motivates us to get out of bed every morning. But this problem? It’s the most complex one we’ve ever faced.

Getting back to work in the middle of a pandemic.

“Back to work” has a certain meaning for us, as we have jobs that allow us to work fully remote (for the most part). We’ve been working just as much, if not more, over the last several months helping clients pivot their business operations—just out of our own homes. But at some point, we are going back to client sites, back on the road, and back into West Monroe offices.

But how? When? Who? And in what way? These are all questions not easily answered. With differing preferences and needs from every client and employee, this is a mass puzzle—which by the way could shift at any time—and requires serious modeling, technology, and brains to figure out.

We’re using Salesforce’s Work.com to help. And we’re one of the first employers to adopt the technology. We did this for several reasons: 1) As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, we know and understand their technology—and we happen to have the best implementers in-house and 2) we wanted to go through this as our clients are going through this. To be at the forefront not only benefits our company, but yours.

The beginning of our journey

Before we selected Work.com as our technology enabler, we connected at the people level. We established a reopening committee with representatives from across the firm to ensure we have diverse representation and mindshare. Having a centralized team leading the charge helps build the necessary governance to pull off such a monumental task. We also made a point to listen to our employees. We need to understand their concerns and comfort levels with getting back to work and continue to establish two-way trust.

Such a large undertaking requires a multitude of workstreams across the reopening committee—and that’s where things can get complicated. With the risk factors being so high, we knew we could not rely on Excel spreadsheets to monitor office capacity scheduling, enable contact tracing, or perform employee wellness checks. Work.com’s suite of tools has helped us get organized with modules like the centralized Workplace Command Center, Contact Tracing, and Shift Management and Planning tools.

What we’ve figured out:

  • New capacity rules for each of our offices, according to CDC guidelines
  • Our employees’ sentiments on returning to the office by deploying an employee survey and analyzing the results
  • That we can create multiple “shifts” to adapt to specific use cases, as required, thanks to Work.com’s Shift Management being flexible and accommodating

Questions we’re taking on this week:

  • What legal considerations should we be thinking about so our workforce can certify their health and wellness? What are the most effective ways to maintain trust and transparency with our employees as we begin this new process?
  • How will we ensure compliance with the new policies and procedures? Keeping our employees safe will require everyone to follow new guidelines.
  • We have new considerations for data privacy as we collect health data on our employees. How will we define data access rights for each of the roles involved in our re-entry process?
Back to Work: Re-entry Strategy and Deployment
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