90-Day Playbook for Banks in a Post-COVID Economy

Target and achieve quick wins. Create stability and near-term resilience to succeed in the post-pandemic world.

The COVID-19 crisis not only has complicated business activity. It has created sudden and extreme separations between institutions and their customers. In other cases, it’s created condensed, acute demand for new funding sources, commanding new products and services from banks. 

Banks must remain highly engaged with customers to build trust and goodwill during – and beyond – the pandemic. They’ll need to take bold and decisive action: Manage remote workforce productivity. Identify and mitigate emerging portfolio risks. Accelerate use of digital, data, and technology assets to maintain and strengthen customer relationships. Those that do will emerge from this period strengthened. 

West Monroe is here to help. With an undeniably different approach, our 90-day playbook is a unique, flexible, and affordable subscription service—with a menu of short-term strategic moves for preserving your clients’ financial health and positioning your bank to grow once the crisis subsides. Better yet, it comes with the expertise to turn those ideas into action—and tangible results. 

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase revenue per client by 15-20% 
  • Improve client satisfaction/Net Promoter® scores by more than 30%
  • Enhance productivity by 12-15% by increasing adoption of digital channels
  • Improve client retention profile by 25-30%
  • Reduce credit losses by 15-20% by using data and analytics to facilitate early intervention
  • Increase capacity to perform portfolio management tasks such as modifications, deferrals, and overrides 

What We Offer

The 90-Day Playbook 

Select from a menu of strategic actions appropriate for your unique position. The playbook includes proven, prioritized, action-ready strategies and tactics for the 30, 60, and 90 days, covering key sources of value: 

  • Customer outreach – define and activate strategies for helping customers confront the crisis 
  • Credit risk management – craft an appropriate response for the current environment 
  • Revenue lift – realign customer-facing resources and solutions with current needs 
  • Operational adjustments – use agile tactics to respond quickly to customer demand, changing transactional patterns, and extreme volume swings
  • Digital enablement – respond to customer needs and preferences while maintaining a remote workplace 

Peer interaction 

Participate in peer bank workshops to discuss best practices and lessons learned.  

Industry and implementation expertise 

Access senior subject matter experts whose backgrounds span front-line sales, credit, operations, digital, and financial products, as well as disciplines such as customer experience and technology. You will also have a dedicated implementation manager who can help you bring strategies to life quickly and connect you with the right experts. 

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