Deliver 100% productivity from 100% of your workforce.
FLEXdls™ is a discrete labor management system that improves distribution center efficiency, delivering labor savings of 15-30%.

FLEXdls™ is a web-based, best-of-breed labor management software solution that enhances your existing warehouse management system. Our system is unique in the marketplace, offering you a 100-percent configurable and dynamic platform using your preferred work methods and existing system data. FLEXdls™ supports all functions in your distribution delivery operations and can help you achieve labor savings of 15% to 30%.

FLEXdls™ eliminates many of the limitations found in other Labor Management Systems and provides many features including:

  • Calculation of basic engineered minimums through real time discrete standards
  • Visual formula based process mapping
  • AutoCAD™ travel map interface
  • Vehicle parameterization
  • Advanced vectoring logic
  • User customizable attributes
  • Executive dashboard
  • Online, email and text alert management
  • Operational performance reporting
  • Visual labor planning & optimization
  • What-if scenario generation for decision support
  • Integration with any host system

FLEXdls™ supports rapid deployment, allowing customers to realize a return on investment in less than six months. Some of the benefits of our system include:

  • Decrease costs and eliminate waste in your operations
  • Improve individual and group performance
  • Motivate managers and employees
  • Spend less time gathering and manipulating data and more time managing productivity
  • Reduce labor costs associated with delivery
  • Improve delivery performance and planning
  • Enhance productivity, job satisfaction, morale, retention and talent acquisition
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Support an unlimited number of customizable tables and fields to support your specific data needs
  • Maximize utilization of your current workforce
  • Improve staff planning and forecasting
  • Predict changes in staffing needs
  • Reviewed and tested by union representatives—meeting stringent requirements for accuracy and fairness.