Don’t let data integration challenges slow your path to better business insight.

Our Rapid Analytics Platform uses document database functionality to integrate new data source systems efficiently with your existing data warehouse or analytical data platform.


The challenge of transforming data into insight 

Today’s businesses run on a continuously growing number of data sources. As data sources grow in number and variety, so does the complexity, cost of maintenance, and governance  —as well as the risk. In fact, many data initiatives eventually stall, overrun cost estimates, and fail to deliver on the promise of new insight.

Three key capabilities in one platform 

Technical breakthroughs now enable faster, easier, more agile data systems. Our proprietary Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP) applies many of these breakthrough concepts—plus a few of our own—to offer a different approach for accelerating and maintaining a data ecosystem. Rather than focusing on helping data engineers build individual data pipelines, RAP delivers an automated, easy-to-maintain pipeline management system with three key layers of capability in one platform:

Data Lake: 

Enables rapid ingestion of raw data into the system so that engineers and data scientists have early access and can begin mining for value with little to no effort or operational overhead.

Data Warehouse: 

Acts as the curated, governed, optimized center for all things business intelligence (BI). This central user authorization layer puts data at the fingertips of internal and external users, regardless of their BI or data access tool(s)—today and in the future.

RAP not only automates management of these layers; it also automates the custom business logic that moves, transforms, and validates data across the three layers. By handling the technical details, RAP significantly reduces reliance on your technical resources, allowing engineers to spend more time working with the business to deliver value. 

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