By the Numbers
100 portfolio company representatives interviewed
19 areas of security evaluated for competencies
1 Cybersecurity Advisory for Private Equity transformation

Challenge Accepted

The Riverside Company provides some shared services for its portfolio companies during ownership, including an information security office (ISO). The ISO leader wanted to understand the state of security at portfolio companies to identify gaps that could impact their value, directly or indirectly. West Monroe Partners provided the resources and security expertise to contact more than 70 portfolio companies and analyze current security capabilities.

Our Results

Produced security profiles, including gap analyses and general recommendations, for 30 portfolio companies within one portfolio group.

Provided direct assistance to companies in the process of selecting vendors for security tools and services such as vulnerability scanning—helping them validate appropriateness of the solution.

Identified trends and opportunities for common solutions and/or potential group negotiations with vendors and/or solution providers.

  • Tailored the CAPE approach to Riverside’s current ISO services.

  • Contacted all portfolio companies to conduct initial analysis discussions, while focusing on priority portfolio groups as defined by Riverside.

  • Conducted discovery meetings to develop individual security profiles for each company and allow time for advisory discussion.

  • Provided reports to portfolio companies and Riverside management highlighting identified security gaps.

  • Implemented a hotline for portfolio companies to seek security advice when needed.