By the Numbers
60% reduction in technical development resources
50%+ reduction in complexity, effort, and cost
50% reduction in ETL/DB software licensing spend

Challenge Accepted

Today’s businesses run on a continuously growing number of data sources. Each time an organization integrates a new source system with its data warehouse of analytical data platform, it requires new custom landing and staging tables and ETL packages—increasing code complexity and associated development time and cost. We created an easier and more cost-effective approach.

See How It Works
Don’t let data integration challenges slow your path to better business insight. Watch how our Rapid Analytics Platform offers a simpler, easier, and faster way to integrate new data sources.
Our Results

Enables business operations to automated scale, capacity and performance management.

RAP results in fully automated processing and transparent data quality management.

Development and enhancements include agile configuration process delivers faster business results.

  • Robust product features include automated data refresh,  data governance, lineage,  traceability, auditing, monitoring and management, and data validation, correction and enrichment capabilities.

  • A dashboard provides users with access to real-time status, data volume, quality and performance for each queue and for individual sources.

  • The platform works with an array of technologies—including common file storage solutions, database platforms, data processing solutions (major ETL vendors and custom scripting), and reporting packages.