Challenge Accepted

Like all healthcare payers, Premera competes in a digital world where delivering on evolving customer expectations requires an agile organization, proficient operations, and the ability to flex and scale capabilities. Premera asked West Monroe to help them master these new fundamentals with a digital strategy that refocuses the organization on creating differentiated, market-leading, technology-enabled member experiences—a critical step toward protecting and expanding its business.
“One of the keys to creating a shared purpose across functions was West Monroe’s detailed internal and external research that helped us understand best practices and potential impacts. This insight enabled us to...become a responsive, digitally enabled operation.”

Curtis Kopf, Senior Vice President, Customer and Digital Experience, Premera

Our Results

Identified 40+ use cases and created multi-year roadmap.

Recommended resource, technology, and project investments.

Established an action plan for incubating new chatbot capabilities.

  • Worked cross-functionally using change management to align a complex array of Premera teams and processes and point them toward achieving common customer-centric goals.
  • Built a vision and strategy that helped Premera’s digital team align internally and begin to create differentiated customer experiences.
  • Developed a chatbot strategy designed to improve efficiency and engagement around customer inquiries.
  • Hosted workshops to build chatbot use cases and created the strategy (including organizational context), business plan, and roadmap to implement the vision.