By the Numbers
69% of companies map current-state customer journeys
26% of companies map future-state customer journeys
21% map the ecosystem that delivers customer journeys

Challenge Accepted

Large progressive companies are setting your customers’ expectations, even if they are non relevant with your organization’s industry. To gain advantage in this changing environment, organizations must shift from product-centric operating models to customer-centric models. West Monroe Partners applies proven customer journey mapping techniques to help organizations make impactful changes.

Our Results

Gain a unique view into customer needs and experience, based on a combination of data-driven insights and empathy derived from qualitative research.

Identify and fix problems and “pain points” in existing interactions.

Engage and connect operations (people, processes, and technology) with customer experience.

  • Develop customer journey hypotheses through highly interactive workshops with cross-functional stakeholders.

  • Validate hypotheses through a combination of data analysis and ethnographic qualitative methods such as interviews or field observations.

  • Bring customer experience to life and create empathy among internal stakeholders through poster-sized visuals that map data and customer verbatims.

  • Engage cross-functional stakeholders in workshops to define a vision for the future customer journey.

  • Identify and prioritize the actions required to make the future vision a reality.