By the Numbers
10M People served
$48B In assets
$10M Invested in nonprofits

Challenge Accepted

As part of its billion-dollar investment in Smart Grid, Con Edison wanted to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure. To engage customers and secure regulatory approval, they were required to develop a detailed plan to build awareness, keep customers informed about the program and its progress and engage customers to participate in the program. Con Edison partnered with West Monroe to gather input from 26 third parties including customers and internal Con Edison staff to create a plan to maximize customer engagement with AMI. 

Our Results

Customers can make more informed decisions about how to reduce their energy use and bill leading to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Replaced outdated meters with AMI across its service area, and developed programs to help customers control their energy use and reduce bills and demand on its energy infrastructure.

Customers with AMI meters can view their energy usage at any time of day and from any device with Internet access.

  • Assisted Con Edison with developing relationships with third parties that provide the utility with opportunities for future collaboration on achieving New York’s sustainability goals and on improving the Con Edison customer experience.
  • Helped Con Edison begin implementing the Customer Engagement Plan while writing the filing that documents so Con Edison didn’t experience a delay transitioning from planning to executing its Plan.
  • West Monroe wrote a 125-page Customer Engagement Plan with and for Con Edison incorporating information from workshops, and discussions with Con Edison staff and third parties to permit Con Edison to move forward with its AMI Business Plan and provide a foundation on which to create an improved customer experience.