Challenge Accepted

Having seen the tangible benefits of applying LEAN methodologies to their manufacturing floor for years, Columbia Forest Products needed a solution that could deliver these same principles to their knowledge management in a cohesive digital framework.

"Our West Monroe partnership has been fantastic and one I look to in the future as a competitive advantage for CFP. Wonderful group of people, dedicated, smart, funny and above all else a joy to work with. West Monroe is the development arm of Columbia Forest Products that I have always needed."

Cliff Cayer, Director, MIS

Our Results

With 2000+ employee owners spread across 19 locations in the US and Canada, employee engagement and collaboration is no longer hindered by geographical proximity.

Increased employee productivity and eliminated waste by removing the need for employees to keep track of multiple versions of documents and collaborate on them through email.

Extending the digital workplace to the mill floor with the use of mobile devices resulted in a streamlined training and machine onboarding process that increased awareness of LEAN manufacturing principles and key safety protocols throughout the organization.

  • Designed and built cfpOne, a digital workplace leveraging Office 365 groups and team sites for intradepartmental and project-based collaboration, as well as an intranet for company-wide communications and employee engagement.

  • Standardized the use of digital content by implementing an enterprise content management strategy with supporting compliance policies, as well as an enterprise taxonomy built from industry-relevant terms.

  • Extended the capabilities of the digital workplace by developing an iPad application to improve and optimize the training, support, and collaboration of mill floor employees.

  • Integrated SharePoint Online, Azure, and PowerBI to create interactive and highly visual reports that were embedded throughout pages on the intranet, offering employees real-time access to operational metrics and scorecards.