Challenge Accepted

Like others across the industry, AES Corporation’s two North American utility companies are transforming their business strategies in response to evolving customer expectations and demands for improved customer advocacy. To shift perspectives and embed customer experience at the core of its operations, AES Corporation turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered an uncommon blend of industry, customer experience, and customer relationship management (CRM) expertise.

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Our Results

West Monroe Partners and AES Corporations U.S. utilities created a customer-centric, three-year customer experience strategy, complete with 10 actionable initiatives and a roadmap for implementing a future CRM solution.

The CRM solution will serve as the foundation for the strategy by establishing a single source of customer data, including interaction history and communication preferences. In turn, the organization’s utilities will create data-driven approaches for interacting with customers and introducing new offerings.

By involving stakeholders across all relevant business functions, the organization has achieved consensus for its customer experience strategy, key initiatives, and CRM roadmap.

  • The West Monroe team captured insights about experiences and expectations directly from the utilities’ residential and commercial/industrial customers – including more than 6,000 survey responses and in-depth feedback from 60 focus-group participants.

  • This highly collaborative project has positioned AES Corporation and its U.S. utilities to begin transforming its operations to focus on customer experience.

  • The strategy also establishes a set of guiding principles to motivate employees to focus on customers rather than operations and to deliver excellent customer service.