Munzoor Shaikh featured on Becker's Hospital Review
Just about every organization in every industry is rolling in data—and that means an abundance of opportunities to use that data to transform operations, improve performance, and compete more effectively.
This has spawned a concept known as "big data." Indeed, big data has caught the attention of many—and perhaps nowhere more than in the healthcare industry, which has volumes of fragmented data ready to be converted into more efficient operations, bending of the so called "cost curve," and better clinical outcomes.

But despite the big opportunities, for most healthcare organizations, big data thus far has been more of a big dilemma: What is it? And how exactly should we "do" it?

Not surprisingly, we've talked to many healthcare organizations that recognize a compelling opportunity, want to do something, and have even budgeted accordingly. But they can't seem to take the first step forward.

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