Will Hinde and Chris Althoff discuss how to successfully leverage customer experience technologies to engage a more satisfied, knowledgeable healthcare customer.

Improved customer experience drives down care delivery costs, reduces administrative expenses, improves patient and member retention and fosters better patient decision making. The key is a bone deep CX vision that leverages customer experience technologies across healthcare organizations.

By bone deep we mean a commitment to delivering a superior customer experience that goes way beyond the sales and marketing groups and includes clinicians, technicians, billing departments, IT and…everyone.  Including the executive suite. Front, middle and back offices are all integral members of the CX team—just as it is at premier consumer organizations like Amazon. Accordingly, successful CX organizations broaden the definition of CX technology to include all technologies that help create, or can be drawn on to produce, a more satisfied, knowledgeable customer who is actively engaged in his or her health.

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