Microsoft announces deal on Monday to purchase LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Brian Paulen speaks to both the Puget Sound Business Journal and The Seattle Times about Microsoft's acquisition of the professional social networking site. 

Brian Paulen, senior director and head of West Monroe Partners' Seattle office, spoke to both The Seattle Times and Puget Sound Business Journal about Microsoft's announcement that they will buy LinkedIn. 

In his interview with The Seattle Times, he stated that one of the most important aspects of the deal was the potential for integration between Dynamics and LinkedIn, allowing Dynamics users to easily see their connections and their current status.

With the Puget Sound Business Journal, Brian commented on the fact that LinkedIn will remain largely independent, a shift from Microsoft's typical strategy. "Historically, Microsoft has been a very heavy integration firm. They integrate quickly and integrate everything. Microsoft is approaching this integration very differently than they have in the past."

Brian also noted that LinkedIn will likely have a larger presence in the Northwest further down the road, which could create challenges in an already-competitive talent market. 

The Puget Sound Business Journal also quoted Brian in a story about the impact the deal could have on Washington state's Grant County, which hosts over a million square feet of data center operations. 

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