Retailers today strive to connect with their customers on a more personal level than ever before.
Accomplishing this in an omnichannel era--where consumers can buy almost anything, anywhere--demands that organizations subscribe to the "ABCDs" of modern marketing: Always be capturing data.

From email addresses and ZIP codes to purchase histories and customer service ratings, the volume of data retailers collect grows and diversifies by the week. Unfortunately, most organizations have more data than they know what to do with, and they wind up letting valuable information sit in a CRM or other platform untouched.

According to the National Retail Federation, only 47% of retailers use customer insights to drive operational decisions; the other half is desperately missing out. As organizations gather more of this information, they'll need to know how to apply analytics to their own competitive advantage. By incorporating quantified details into both ecommerce and in-store operations, retailers can enhance the customer experience and entice shoppers to come back for more.

1. Pairing Data And The Digital Experience

2. Breathing Life Into Brick And Mortar

3. Do More With What You Have

4. Create A Seamless Omnichannel Experience

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