Ken Siegman discusses our west coast growth with the Los Angeles Business Journal
West Monroe Partners, a Chicago tech and business consulting firm, opened an L.A. office in January 2014. But that temporary space soon proved insufficient, so the firm moved last month to a larger space in downtown L.A.’s Wedbush Center.

And now, Ken Siegman, a senior director at the firm who runs the L.A. office, is ready to welcome the rest of the team to Southern California.

West Monroe will be holding its upcoming quarterly meeting in Los Angeles, giving many of Siegman’s colleagues a reprieve from the Chicago winter.

Siegman leads a team of nine employees in the L.A. office and hopes to be at 25 by year’s end. He said Los Angeles is an integral market, especially for the firm’s tech consulting practice. “We’re seeing a lot of opportunities out here in the customer resource management space,” he said. “Also, we do a lot of smartgrid energy deals and Southern California is sort of the center of that.”

The new office has been successful so far, said Siegman, and he anticipates an even bigger presence for West Monroe in Southern California in the near future. “We’re probably going to want to open an Orange County office as well as satellite offices across the city,” he said.

Credit: Los Angeles Business Journal