Jeff Liter featured on Inbound Logistics
As hospitals begin transforming to adapt to new healthcare initiatives, they are easing the pain by restructuring and streamlining supply chain operations.

The hospital supply chain is in a transformative phase, as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) drives opportunity for cost savings and better collaboration to deliver quality patient care. Opportunities to restructure operations abound, and major challenges are underway. While the ACA is intended to drive down patient healthcare costs, supply chain analysts and association leaders are adamant that hospitals need a better balancing act when it comes to streamlining their processes.

With margins declining along the healthcare supply chain, providers are reevaluating operation models and best practices by integrating technologies ranging from RFIDs to bar coding, and working with management firms to refocus staffing structures. While the ACA has had a deep impact on the structure of supply chain operations, it is only one element of the overall transformation.

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