A West Monroe Partners white paper
With the rapidly changing nature of utility customer demographics and the order of magnitude savings achievable in e-channel processes, when will the tipping point occur with utility call centers?
The utility industry in the United States and all across the world is experiencing a transformation driven by several factors. Technology choices, supply impacts, deregulation and environmental standards have created a complex set of risks and decisions for today’s utility executive.

One rapidly growing trend is the consideration and value of the customer perspective by utilities. Customer experience is now driven by third-party benchmarking, regulatory oversight, and customer expectations of mobile applications and social media. Utilities are investing in people, process, and technologies to improve the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction.

Many utilities are now leveraging two-way metering technologies, interactive web portals, and new outreach and engagement campaigns. The replacement of labor with technology has reduced operating expenses, increased reliability, and enhanced the potential level of interactions with customers.
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