We take a close look at the ladder of inference and how to apply the model to a utilities' VOC program

A recent Energy & Utilities newsletter article, discussed how utilities could utilize Voice of the Customer (VoC) Programs to start listening to their customers and taking action by altering business decisions based on customer feedback. Oftentimes, organizations believe that they have a strong VoC program just because they collect customer feedback, but they are just scratching the surface. A truly strong VoC program is not one that only captures customer feedback, but a holistic program that listens to customers, analyzes and organizes the feedback you receive, communicates that feedback to relevant staff members, and then turns insights into action to improve key business processes. A strong VoC program can bring transformational change to your organization by enabling customer insights to be turned into actionable improvements and will evolve over time to adapt to your current customer base and business model.

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