For today’s electric utilities, the era of change has only just begun. The challenge of keeping the lights on while completely revolutionizing how that happens is keeping even the nimblest executives on their toes.

By: Saurabh Bansal, Dan Belmont, AJ Brown, Scott Crider, Paul A. DeCotis, Andrew Dillon, Danny Freeman, Shelly Hagerman, Andrew Kinaci, Bridget Wandelt

Meanwhile, factors beyond their control—digital transformation, resilience mandates, an aging workforce, and the growing importance of distributed energy—are prompting a sweeping reexamination of their business model.

In our daily work alongside utilities, we have seen encouraging signs of progress. Many in the industry are rising to the digital challenge. Utilities are investing in enterprise data solutions to solve specific issues and to capitalize on opportunities. They are leveraging analytics to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency. Two-way data-communications capacities are proliferating, allowing utilities to gather and harness far more information. And they are getting smarter about who uses the data and why.

There is, of course, much more work to be done. Utility infrastructure modernization continues to be a major need, and a multi-year process. As technology advances and the regulatory and business constraints evolve, the requirement to protect their devices and operational technology systems evolves. We offer this 2019 outlook to help the industry prepare for what promises to be a dynamic year.

Read this paper to learn the six interdependent issues driving change in utilities in 2019 and beyond.