Digital transformation is the common denominator.
Today’s utility executives are being asked to confront change—and a lot of it. 

The sheer magnitude of technology disruption can feel overwhelming. The push-pull between running today’s utility while simultaneously transforming into a utility of the future feels like you have one foot on the dock and one foot in the boat.
With so many facets of the business shifting at once, that’s a profound challenge. The U.S. utility model is grappling with how to address distributed energy resources, changing consumer expectations, regulatory uncertainty, and an aging workforce. To thrive amid such change, utility executives need clear direction on how not to fall in the water as they place two feet in the boat and row forward.

At West Monroe, we work alongside utilities every day. From our observations, we have concluded that focusing on an organization’s increasingly digital operating foundation is the surest way to gain alignment among the many facets of change and drive toward becoming a utility of the future both productively and swiftly. In the short term, this digital foundation itself creates some challenges, but over time it holds the key to addressing the most critical problems utilities face.

Read this paper to: 

  • Learn the six issues U.S. utilities should focus on in 2018 and beyond— and why 
  • Understand how digital transformation underpins each of these issues 
  • Obtain high-level ideas for addressing these issues