Asking the Right Questions in These Five Areas Can Improve Your Odds

The combination of strong margins and subscription-based revenue potential makes software an attractive asset for investors. In a competitive M&A landscape, however, purchasers often have limited access to targets, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive picture of potential software investments. Whether due to limited access or incomplete diligence, many software investors have had to extend the hold period of these assets to remediate gaps or risks they did not discover up front.

If you are in the process of or considering acquiring software assets, focusing on these five key areas can help you approach the transaction with your “eyes wide open” and avoid risks that either extend the hold period, require additional capital, or both:
  • Product architecture
  • Software development processes
  • Product management function
  • Leadership
  • Team structure

This white paper examines each category in more detail and highlights some key questions to ask.

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