Software selection can have a profound impact on an organization’s ability to effectively manage operations, increase revenue, and improve profit margins.
With the array of information available online, from top 10 software lists and Gartner Magic Quadrants to blogs and white papers, an organization might be tempted to forego a lengthy, expensive formal selection process and move straight to implementation.

"The proliferation of technology has made a definitive platform strategy—and every subsequent software selection supporting that platform strategy— the new imperative."

Companies that pick software based on vendor relationships or price instead of the software that best aligns with the company’s business and technology strategy will risk spending millions to correct this costly mistake.

In this paper, you will learn: 

  • Why a software selection process remains critical in today’s marketplace
  • Why the journey of the selection process itself is as important as the outcome of that process 
  • Recommendations on what to avoid in a selection process
  • Top eight lessons learned from our experience across hundreds of software selections
  • How to avoid being among the software implementation failure statistics (using ERP as an example)
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