In this paper, we will outline a prescriptive approach to right-sizing your hospital or health system’s IT investment profile based on your strategic priorities.
In The Next Generation of Health IT Spend, we summarized the recent history of health system technology spend and provided a point of view on where the trend is headed.

We proposed a new set of technology investment portfolios based on a health system’s mission and vision for future growth. We also delineated areas and levels of financial investment required to match their desired investment profile. 

However, many struggle to define the investment profile that makes the most sense for their organization. In this guide, we present a prescriptive method for planning your technology spend portfolio to be a lever for competitive differentiation as well as a value generator for your system and the communities you serve. 

Understand the current state of your organization’s strategy, capabilities, and budget. Then, determine what your future state should look like in a reasonable way. Finally, develop a pragmatic roadmap, one that you will use to hold your own leadership accountable.

Download this tactical guide to learn: 

  • Do's and Don'ts for conducting a technology spend assessment 
  • How to define your target operating model 
  • How to build a pragmatic roadmap 
  • What the supply and demand gap means for health systems 
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