How pharma companies can facilitate higher quality patient care at a lower cost.
Pharmaceutical companies that have adopted a patient-centric approach have seen significant benefits in the form of greater patient adherence to medication, more consistent customer engagement, and overall improvements in the efficiency of their medical information and pharmacovigilance operations.
Through its critical role in communicating with patients and other stakeholders, the Medical Affairs function is at the center of the industry’s move toward patient centricity—yet the function’s current regional orientation could be at odds with this goal.

This white paper outlines three steps that pharmaceutical Medical Affairs functions should take to support a robust patient experience strategy and transform current operations into a global, integrated model. 

Read the paper to learn:

  • How the shift from a regional to globalized model for managing medical information can improve quality of care at a lower cost
  • How IT systems need to shift to support the new business model
  • What new technology is available to support the model
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